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Foreign Body Removal

Practice makes better


The removal of an embedded foreign body, such as a tiny piece of metal, from the cornea is a critically important skill for an optometrist to practice, such that it can be easily and confidently removed when presented with such a situation in clinical practice. However, most students receive fairly minimal and rudimentary training to develop the skills required to perform this technique in a confident and competent manner...



The OcuBall is a simple eye model that is constructed with similar consistency to an actual human eye. Using a novel method, we have inserted steel metal particulates on the surface of the eyes to realistically simulate embedded foreign bodies. When left for a period of time, these metal pieces can rust (just like they do in humans) and form the typical rust ring observed in real clinical scenarios...



Polymer based

Safe handling, easy disposal, no biological tissue concerns

No spoilage

No spoilage, no bad smell

Metal particles

Pre-made with embedded tiny metal particles, with rust rings, to mimic 'real' foreign bodies


Similar consistency to corneal tissue, aiding the 'feel' you get when removing a real embedded foreign body





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