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Our Vision

Accelerating research and development for ophthalmic products

Reduce animal testing

A deeper understanding of the underlying vision science 


We began in 2014 with just a simple idea to create a physiologically relevant eye model as part of a PhD project. Initially, the model was used to study drug release from contact lenses. However, we later realized it had broader testing capabilities, allowing us to study other complex interactions between ophthalmic biomaterials, such as contact lenses, and the complex tear film and blink mechanism.

To our own surprise, our eye model was well received by the vision science community, which helped inspire further development and opened doors to collaborations with other research groups. With the ongoing support from the Centre for Ocular Research and Education (formerly the Centre for Contact Lens Research), the C20/20 for Ophthalmic Materials Development, industry and government funding, we've been able to develop, refine, and innovate new eye models ever since.

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We're scientists, clinicians, engineers, and much more - because we know that to create a complex eye model, you need an even more complex diversified team.



We're fortunate to have the best support behind us every blink of the way.